NBEA is an easy-to-use proximity communication platform

The QR Code & BLE Beacon management system connects modern businesses with digital location based communication

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NBEA Proximity Marketing-The BLE Beacon & QR Code based Campaign Management Platform

NBEA (Nearby Enabling Advertising) is a powerful tool that allows you to effortlessly launch proximity marketing campaigns and customer interaction everywhere.

By leveraging the BLE Beacon Technologies, NBEA enables you to connect with consumers in close proximity and delivers personalized notifications that are tailored to the receivers’ specific needs and preferences. This seamless integration of technology and marketing enhances customer experiences, engagement and conversions.

How to launch a Campaign in 15 minutes?

NBEA pre-configured BLE beacons,getting you started swiftly.Controlled and managed by the NBEA content management platform.

Your target customers receive location based and contextual information on iOS&Android devices,when they are in proxmity to the dedicated BLE beacons.


Easy Campaign Content Management and Impact Controlling


Campaign Management with high ROI.

The NBEA Dashboard provides comprehensive insights into the performance of your BLE Beacon campaign. It allows you to track metrics such as engagement rates, conversion rates, and customer behavior patterns. Additionally, the dashboard offers customizable reporting options to help you analyze and optimize your campaign strategies effectively.


It's time to create better leads with NBEA and stay ahead of the latest Digital Marketing Trends

Download the NBEAQ App for free and contact use for your Campaign Test BLE Beacon.

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